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One-day Seminar on "Wetland: The Threatened Landscape"

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A one-day seminar on "Wetland: The Threatened Landscape" was conducted on 4th February 2019 by the Postgraduate and Research Department of Zoology, St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry in association with WWF-Thiruvananthapuram. The seminar was sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Thiruvananthapuram. The aim of this seminar was to create awareness on the necessity of conservation of wetlands, its significance and management for a better future.Dr.Roy George K. (Head of the Department of Zoology) presided over the function.Prof.K.C.Zachariah (Prinicpal, St.Thomas College Kozhencherry) inaugurated the seminar .He emphasized the role of wetlands in controlling natural calamities. Dr. Asha Susan Jacob (IQAC co-ordinator) offered felicitations. She advised the students to come forward to save our wetlands. Dr. Anoop Krishnan K., Scientist, National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS ) gave the Keynote address on the topic "River Basins of Western Ghats." He explained the water chemistry of wetlands and presented a comprehensive view regarding the recent flood in Kerala. He also introduced the various projects under taken by NCESS in the field of wetland conservation. The session was very informative as it provided a wide outlook towards wetland management.The first session was led by Dr. Ninan Sajeeth Philip (Senior Research associate IUCCA,Pune & Head of the Department of Physics,St.Thomas College Kozhencherry) on the topic "The Demand And Route Maps For Noninvasive And Intelligent(Wetland)Biodiversity Surveys." The speaker explained the recent trends and techniques in Biodiversity studies and focused on the challenges faced by researchers in animal sampling collection and analysis.The speaker Sri.Shivakumar A.K. (senior education officer, WWF-Thiruvanthapuram) emphasized on the various regional as well as global issues regarding wetland conservation. The link between wetland management and climate regulation was elucidated in a simple manner. The different plans, laws and strategies formulated by WWF in ecosystem management with special reference to wetlands were discussed in the session.The certificates were distributed to winners of photography and poster designing competitions (KERYGMA 2K19) held on behalf of the seminar. Prof. Shinimol A. K.,the co-convener of the programme expressed the words of gratitude. The seminar came to an end by 4 pm with the National Anthem.