1. Mr Abin John ( Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr Shinu Koshy
  3. Mr Ajith Thomas
  4. Mr Ligin P Mathew
  1. Dr  George K Alex (co-ordinator)
  2. Mr Shinu Koshy (co-ordinator)


PG co-ordinators

  1. Ms Ligi George ,
  2. Dr Prathibha Vasudevan
  3. Ms Jeethu Rachel Mathew

UG co-ordinators

  1. Dr Jyothis T,
  2. Dr Leena K Cherian
  3. Ms Ria Mammen


  1. Dr Jaison Jose  (Co-Ordinator)
  2. Dr Jyothis T
  3. Mr Abin John
  4. Mr. Shinu Koshy
  5. Dr. Martiz  Kurian
  6. Ms Emilda George   

Co-ordinator:Ms. Susan George
Committee Members:
Mr. Laby Cherian Punnoose 
Mr. Thomas Mathew
Dr. Praveen S.S.

Dr Mini Varghese  Co-ordinator 

Co-ordinator:Mr. Febu George Mathai Kurichiyath
Committee Members:
Heads/ Directors of all Departments,
Staff Advisors to the College Union
NCC & NSS Officers

  1. Dr Elizabeth John (Convenor)
  2. Dr Susan Mathew
  3. Dr Saramma Varghese
  4. Dr Jaison Jose
  5. Mr Suresh Mathew George (Staff Council Secretary)
  6.  Student  Representatives


  1. Dr Lathakumari P C  (Co-ordinator )
  2. Dr Leena K Cherian (Hostel in Charge)

Heads/ Directors of all Departments
NCC and NSS Officers



  1. Ms. Seeniamma C Chennattucherry( Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Tom Thomas
  3. Dr Ninu Thomas
  4. Adv Lovy Locksley
  5. Ms Molly George
  6. Ms Nisha Suzanne Jacob   
  7. UG student Representative
  8. PG Student Representative
  9. Research Student representative
  1. Dr Leena K Cherian  (Convenor)
  2. Ms Priya Mathews     (Convenor)
  3. Dr Sindhu R S
  4. Dr Lathakumari P C
  5. Dr Ninu Thomas
  6. Mr Ligin P Mathew


  1. Ms. Chinnu Mariam Chacko(Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Shinimol A K(Co-ordinator)
  3. Lt Shaju K John
  4. Mr Laby Cherian Punnoose
  5. Ms Susan George
  6. Ms Adheena Elza Johns
  7. Mr Job Liyo
  8. Ms Preethi Elsi Thomas

Co- ordinator : Ms. Jyothi Sara John
Committee Members:
Dr. Ninu Thomas 
Ms. Anu Susan Mathews
Ms. Neethu Mariam Ajith

Mr. Mathews John

Ms. Suji Anna Varghese

Mr. Joel Oommen Muzhangody

  1. Dr Tom Thomas  (Co ordinator)
  2. Ms Ria Mammen   (Co ordinator)
  3. Dr. Elizabeth John
  4. Dr Ninu Thomas
  5. Ms Jeethu Rachel Mathew
  6. Ms Susanna Philip
  7. Ms Bettymol Elizabeth Thampy
  8. Ms. Ann Susa Thomas
  9. Mr Mathews John
  1. Dr Saramma Varghese   (Co ordinator)
  2. Dr Jenu Mary Mathews
  3. Ms Susanna Philip
  4. Ms Ann Susa Thomas
  5. Dr Libus Jacob Abraham
  6. Ms Lucy Mathew
  7. Lt Shaju K John
  8. Ms Seeniamma  C Chennattucherry
  9. Dr Sheeba Anu Jacob
  10. Dr Lini K Mathew
  11. Ms Priya Mathews

The Scholarship Committee is constituted to identify deserving and meritorious students as per the terms and conditions of the endowments. The members of the committee are:

  1. Ms. Preethi Elsi Thomas    (Co ordinator)
  2. Ms Susan  T Sushil
  3. Ms Suji  Anna Varghese
  4. Dr Jijoy P Mathew

State/Central Government and other Scholarships to UG, PG and Minority Students under various schemes and programmes are made available.

  1. Lt Shaju K John (Nodal Officer)
  2. Ms Bettymol Elizabeth Thampy
  3. Mr Joel Oommen Muzhangody

Secretary:  Dr. Elizabeth John

  1. Mr Abin John (Coordinator)
  2. Dr Asha Susan Jacob
  3. Dr George K Alex
  4. Lt Shaju K John
  5. Mr Suresh Mathew George
  6. Dr Jaya Jacob M
  7. Ms Chinnu Mariam Chacko
  1. Dr Tom Thomas  (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr George K Alex
  3. Mr Anup George Varghese
  4. Dr Sudeesh K V
  5. Ms Jeethu Rachel Mathew
  1. Ms Siby John  (Chief Editor)
  2. Ms  Vineetha S  (Editor)
  3. Ms Tania Thomas (Editor)


  1. Mr Febu George Mathai Kurichiyath (Convenor)
  2. Dr Teena Rachel Thomas
  3. Mr Abraham Mathew  

It shall be the duty of the Heads of the Departments, NSS / NCC officers and Cordinating Committee members of Women’s Cell, Brains Trust, Counselling Cell, and Student Co-ordination and Orientation Committee to maintain a peaceful and cordial academic climate in the college.

Co-ordinator: .Dr Roy George K 
Committee Members : Dr. Libus Jacob Abraham 
Mr. Anup George Varghese

Mr. Ligin P. Mathew

Heads of all Departments, NCC & NSS Officers

  1. Mr Shinu Koshy (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Sindhu R S
  3. Ms Susanna Philip
  4. Mr Job Mathai
  5. Mr Thomas Mathew
  6. Mr Justin Thomas Philip
  7. Mr Anup George Varghese
  1. Ms Molly George (Convenor)
  2. Dr George K Alex
  3. Dr Sneha George Pachayil
  4. Dr Ninu Thomas
  5. Mr Reji K Thariyan
  6. Mr Thejus K. Biju (2nd M A English)
  7. Ms Gayathri Prem (3rd B A Economics )
  1. Mr Abin John (Nodal officer)
  2. Mr Ajith Thomas
  1. Dr Jaya Jacob M (Nodal officer)
  2. Mr Suresh Mathew George
  3. Ms Chinnu Mariam Chacko
  4. Mr Abin John
  5. Mr Job Liyo
  6. Dr Dickson D Babu
  7. Dr Jijoy P Mathew
  1. Dr Asha Susan Jacob  (Convenor)
  2. Mr Suresh Mathew George
  3. Mr Ajith Thomas
  4. Mr Ligin P Mathew
  5. Dr Sudeesh K V
  6. Dr Arthur Varghese
  1. Mr Arun John  (Extension  coordinator)
  2. Dr Sneha George Pachyil  (Extension co ordinator)


  1. Dr Roshin George (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Roy George
  3. Mr. Sam Thomas

Dr George K. Alex

Dr Prathibha Vasudevan (Co-ordinator)

  1. Dr Jaya Jacob M  (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Sudheesh K V
  3. Ms Emilda  George


  1. Dr Mathew P John
  2. Dr Susan Mathew
  3. Dr Ninu Thomas
  4. Dr Asha  Susan Jacob
  5. Dr Biju T George .Principal  BAM College Thuruthikkadu (External Expert )

1. Dr. Mini Varghese (Co-ordinator)

2. Dr. Libus Jacob Abraham (Co-ordinator)

Dr. Sneha George Pachayil (Co-ordinator)

  1. Dr Tom Thomas (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Asha Susan Jacob
  3. Mr Abin John
  4. Mr Ajith Thomas
  5. Dr Sudheesh K V
  6. Mr Anup George Varghese
  7. Mr Ligin P Mathew
  8. Dr Leena Abraham
  1. Dr Saramma Varghese  
  2. Dr Libus Jacob Abraham
  1. Dr Susan Abraham   (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Ninu Thomas
  3. Dr Leena Abraham
  4.  Dr Susan Mathew
  5. Dr Sindhu R S
  6. Ms Jeethu Rachel Mathew  
  7. Dr Cimi A Daniel
  8. Ms Molly George
  9. Mr Jithin S Thomas
  1. Dr Ninu Thomas (Convenor)
  2. Mr Reji K Thariyan
  3. Dr Elizabeth John