1. Mr. Ajith Thomas ( Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr. Abin John
  3. Mr. Justin Thomas Philip
  4. Mr. Ligin P Mathew
  5. Mr. Shinu Koshy
  6. Dr. Sindhu R S 
  1. Ms. Susan T Sushil (co-ordinator)
  2. Ms. Anu Susan Mathews (co-ordinator)

Dr. Jyothis T (Co-ordinator)

Mr. Abraham Mathew

Dr. Cimi A Daniel

Mr. Job Mathai

Dr. Sneha George Pachayil

Ms. Suji Anna Varghese

Dr. Susan Mathew 

PG co-ordinators

  1. Ms Ligi George ,
  2. Dr Prathibha Vasudevan
  3. Ms Jeethu Rachel Mathew

UG co-ordinators

  1. Dr Jyothis T,
  2. Dr Leena K Cherian
  3. Ms Ria Mammen


  1. Dr. Jaison Jose  (Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr. Abin John
  3. Ms. Bettymol Elizabeth Thampy
  4. Ms. Emilda George
  5. Dr. Lini K Mathew
  6. Mr. Sam Thomas

Co-ordinator: Ms. Susan George
Committee Members:
Dr. Anju V Jalaj

Dr. Arthur Varghese

Mr. Mathews John

Ms. Preethi Elsi Thomas and Dr. Anju V Jalaj  (Co-ordinators) 

Committee Members : Department Representatives


Co-ordinator: Dr. Lathakumari P C
Committee Members:
Heads/ Directors of all Departments,
Staff Advisors to the College Union
NCC & NSS Officers

The Student’s Grievance Redressal Committee is a statutory committee to deal with the grievances and complaints lodged by the students and to arrive at inferences for recommending remedial measures. “Grievance” means, and includes, complaint(s) made by an aggrieved student in respect of admission, violation of any law, examinations, discrimination, harassment etc. The Cell is constituted to redress the grievances of the students in order to provide a holistic environment. 


• Examine the issues and the complaints raised by the students in respect of matters like admission, harassment, victimization, unfriendly treatment or any other grievance which annoy the student in any way.

• Collect and inspect the complaints/grievances/suggestions put by the students on Academic/Administrative/Infrastructural/any other matters in the Complaints/ Suggestion Box or received by the Principal or the Convenor of the Committee.  


• In considering the grievances before it, the SGRC shall follow principles of natural justice.

• On receiving a written grievance, the Committee will examine the matter and conduct an enquiry into the matter. 

• The SGRC shall send its report with recommendations, if any, to the Principal within a period of 10 days from the date of receipt of the complaint

• The Committee will recommend appropriate measures for the redressal of the grievances to the Principal to take appropriate measures.


Mr Rejy K. Thariyan (Convenor)

Ms Annie George

Dr Lathakumary P.C.

Mr Suresh Nathew George

Student Representative - Special Invitee


1. Principal

2. Mr Rejy K. Thariyan (Convenor)

St Thomas College has zero tolerance to ragging of any kind within or outside the campus.


•  Eradicate ragging of any kind from the premises of the college.

•  Take action against all who indulge in ragging and are of abetting ragging as per UGC regulations and Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act 1998.

Definition of Ragging

UGC has notified the 3rd Amendment in UGC Regulations on29 June 2016 to expand the definition of ragging by including the following:-  (i) Any act of physical or mental abuse (including bullying and exclusion) targeted at another student (fresher or otherwise) on the ground of colour, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, gender (including transgender), sexual orientation, appearance, nationality, regional origins, linguistic identity, place of birth, place of residence or economic background. 


• The institution shall strictly observe the regulations of the Central government, State government, and the UGC to curb the menace of ragging.

•  The College shall take disciplinary action including suspension,   cancellation of admission,  expulsion from the institution, or any mode recommended by the Committee  against those found guilty of ragging and/or of abetting ragging.

•  The burden of proof shall hereby lie on the perpetrator of alleged ragging and not on the victim.

•  An offence of ragging may be charged either on a written complaint by the affected or on independent finding of the Anti-Ragging Cell.

Regulations are available on the UGC Website https://www.ugc.ac.in/oldpdf/ragging/Notice_raging.pdf

Further information regarding the procedure is given in the College Handbook.


Students in distress can register their complaints with the Principal or the Convenor of the Anti-Ragging Cell.

National Anti-ragging Helpline 1800- 180-5522 (24x7 Toll Free) or email helpline@antiragging.in

Members of Anti-Ragging Cell

Dr Saramma Varghese (Convenor)

Heads of Departments

CI and SI of Police

NCC & NSS Officers

President & Secretary of Women's Cell

Conveners of Ethics and Discipline Committee and Student Coordination Committee

Teacher-in-charge of Ladies Hostel



Lt. Shaju K John (NCC Officer)

NSS Programme Officers

Extension Officers 

Hostel Committee Convenors 

The Internal Complaints Committee ensures prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender-based violence at the Institute and provides an environment free of gender discrimination. The ICC has been constituted in accordance with the provisions of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redress) Act 2013. Any aggrieved women (employee/student) of the college can directly approach the Committee or through the Principal to register a complaint of harassment of the nature specified in the act.  



Dr Saramma Varghese (Co-ordinator)

Mr Febu George Mathai Kurichiyath

Dr Leena K. Cherian

Ms Nayana Raj

Lt Shaju K. John

PG, UG, Research Representatives


Legal Advisor

  1. Dr. Leena K Cherian  (Convenor)
  2. Ms. Priya Mathews     (Convenor)
  3. Ms. Chinnu Mariam Chacko
  4. Dr. Lathakumari P C
  5. Mr. Ligin P Pathew
  6. Dr. Sindhu R S 


  1. Ms. Lini K Mathew (Co-ordinator)
  2. Ms. Susanna Philip (Co-ordinator)
  3. Ms. Chinnu Mariam Chacko
  4. Mr. Job Liyo
  5. Ms. Jyothi Sara John
  6. Mr. Mathews John
  7. Ms. Remya Rachel Joseph
  8. Dr. Shinimol A K 

Co- ordinator : Ms. Jyothi Sara John
Committee Members:
Dr. Ninu Thomas 
Ms. Anu Susan Mathews
Ms. Neethu Mariam Ajith

Mr. Mathews John

Ms. Suji Anna Varghese

Mr. Joel Oommen Muzhangody

  1. Dr. Tom Thomas  (Co ordinator)
  2. Ms. Ria Mammen   (Co ordinator)
  3. Ms. Bettymol Elizabeth Thampy
  4. Dr. Elizabeth John
  5. Mr. Mathew John
  6. Ms. Susanna Philip
  1. Dr. Saramma Varghese   (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr. Sheeba Anu Jacob (Co-ordinator)
  3. Dr. Leena Abraham
  4. Dr. Libus jacob Abraham
  5. Ms. Lucy Mathew
  6. Lt. Shaju K John

The Scholarship Committee is constituted to identify deserving and meritorious students as per the terms and conditions of the endowments. The members of the committee are:

  1. Ms. Seeniamma C Chennattucherry    (Co ordinator)
  2. Dr. Lekha P K
  3. Ms. Lucy Mathew
  4. Ms. Preethi Elsi Thomas
  5. Ms. Suji Anna Varghese
  6. Ms. Susan T Sushil

State/Central Government and other Scholarships to UG, PG and Minority Students under various schemes and programmes are made available.

  1. Lt Shaju K John (Nodal Officer)
  2. Ms Bettymol Elizabeth Thampy
  3. Mr Joel Oommen Muzhangody

Secretary:  Dr. Mini Varghese

  1. Mr Abin John (Coordinator)
  2. Dr Asha Susan Jacob
  3. Dr George K Alex
  4. Lt Shaju K John
  5. Mr Suresh Mathew George
  6. Dr Jaya Jacob M
  7. Ms Chinnu Mariam Chacko
  1. Dr. Sudheesh K V (Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr. Febu George Mathai Kurichiyath
  3. Ms. Chinnu Mariam Chacko
  4. Dr. George K Alex
  5. Dr. Praveen S S
  6. Mr. Shinu Koshy
  7. Dr. Tom Thomas 
  1. Ms. Vineetha S   (Chief Editor)
  2. Dr. Jinsu Varghese  (Editor)
  3. Ms. Ria Mammen (Editor)
  4. Dr. Saramma Varghese (Editor)
  5. Dr. Teena Rachel Thomas (Editor)


  1. Ms. Siby John (Convenor)
  2. Dr. Dickson D Babu
  3. Ms. Ligi George 

It shall be the duty of the Heads of the Departments, NSS / NCC officers and Cordinating Committee members of Women’s Cell, Brains Trust, Counselling Cell, and Student Co-ordination and Orientation Committee to maintain a peaceful and cordial academic climate in the college.

Co-ordinator: .Dr Roy George K 
Committee Members : Dr. Libus Jacob Abraham 
Mr. Anup George Varghese

Mr. Ligin P. Mathew

Heads of all Departments, NCC & NSS Officers

  1. Mr. Justin Thomas Philip (Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr. Arun John
  3. Ms. Deepa Anie Mathew 
  4. Dr. Sindhu R S 
  5. Ms. Susanna Philip
  6. Mr. Thomas Mathew 
  1. Dr. Roy George K. (Principal, Chairman)
  2. Mr. Ribin Thomas (Librarian)
  3. Dr. Cimi A Daniel
  4. Dr. Jyothis T S 
  5. Dr. Leena Abraham
  6. Dr. Martiz Kurian
  7. Dr. Ninu Thomas
  8. Dr. Sneha George Pachayil
  1. Mr Abin John (Nodal officer)
  2. Mr Ajith Thomas
  1. Ms. Susan George (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr. Dickson D Babu
  3. Dr. Jijoy P Mathew
  4. Mr. Job Mathai
  5. Ms. Neethu Mariam Ajith
  6. Ms. Priya Mathews
  1. Dr Asha Susan Jacob  (Convenor)
  2. Mr Suresh Mathew George
  3. Mr Ajith Thomas
  4. Mr Ligin P Mathew
  5. Dr Sudeesh K V
  6. Dr Arthur Varghese
  1. Mr Arun John  (Extension  coordinator)
  2. Dr Sneha George Pachyil  (Extension co ordinator)
  3. Mr. laby Cherian Punnoose
  4. Lt. Shaju K John
  5. Ms. Susan George


The Minority cell of the College has been envisaged to empower the students of Minority Communities who form a significant percentage.  The Cell caters to the needs of the students from the Minority Communities.


• Ensure equal opportunities for students from minority communities.

• Facilitate to avail scholarships from Central and State Governments and support for  projects from various  funding agencies. 

• Organise motivation, counselling, coaching classes for entry into service and career orientation programmes for students of minority communities.       


Dr Cimi A. Daniel (Coordinator)

Dr Mini Varghese

Dr Prathibha Vasudevan


Dr George K. Alex

The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell has been envisaged to promote the  interests of students in the reserved categories with respect to the academic, financial, social and other matters pertaining to them. It also aims to prevent any atrocities against the members of the SC/ST community.  


1. To ensure proper implementation of various schemes of UGC, Government of India and State Govt. concerning scholarships, stipends etc. for the welfare of reserved categories.

2. To inform all Departments regarding the guidelines of various types of scholarship/ stipends as revised from time to time by the Central and State Govts. 

3. To facilitate special assistance to the students of reservation categories  through counselling, career guidance, remedial classes, personality development programmes  etc.  


Dr Prathibha Vasudevan (Convenor)

Mr Justin Thomas Philip

Ms Jyothi Sara John

Grievance form
  1. Dr. Jaya Jacob M and Dr. Dickson D Babu  (Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr. Laby Cherian Punnoose
  3. Mr. Joel Oommen Muzhangody
  4. Dr. Sheeba Anu Jacob
  5. Dr. Susan Abraham


  1. Dr Mathew P John
  2. Dr Susan Mathew
  3. Dr Ninu Thomas
  4. Dr Asha  Susan Jacob
  5. Dr Biju T George .Principal  BAM College Thuruthikkadu (External Expert )

1. Dr. Mini Varghese (Co-ordinator)

2. Dr. Lathakumari P C 

Dr. Sneha George Pachayil (Co-ordinator)

  1. Dr Shinimol A K (Co-ordinator)
  2. Ms. Adheena Elza Johns
  3. Mr. Ajith Thomas
  4. Dr. Arthur Varughese
  5. Dr. Asha Susan Jacob 
  1. Dr. Libus Jacob Abraham (Senior Asst. Superintendent)
  2. Mr. Arun John (Committee Member)
  1. Mr. Sam Thomas (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr Ninu Thomas
  3. Dr Leena Abraham
  4.  Dr Susan Mathew
  5. Dr Sindhu R S
  6. Ms Jeethu Rachel Mathew  
  7. Dr Cimi A Daniel
  8. Ms Molly George
  9. Mr Jithin S Thomas
  1. Mr. Febu George Mathai Kurichiyath (Convenor)
  2. Mr. Anup George Varghese
  3. Ms. Grace Mathew
  4. Dr. lathakumari P. C 
  5. Mr. Rji K Thariyan
  6. Heads/Directors of all departments
  7. NCC and NSS officers