Water Harvesting Facility

The oldest building in the college (Heritage Block) itself houses an overhead water tank to collect rainwater. Another water tank with a capacity of 5 lakhliters, constructed forty years ago, has been renovated to harvest rainwater for use on the campus and the women’s hostel.The rainwater is collected on the rooftops. Chemistry Block also has a rainwater harvesting reservoir.

 E-Waste Management Facility

E-Wastes are electronic products like computers, television, stereos, copiers and other machines which have outlived their usefulness and are due for disposal. Proper disposal of E-wastes prevents pollution as the E-wastes have toxic components like lead, mercury and cadmium. The college has set apart a special room for storing E- wastes adjacent to the Department of Physics.

 Public Address System

Public Address System facilitates quick and effective transfer of messages to students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Managed from the Principal’s Office with speakers set in all the classrooms, the systemenables paperless communication of important matters.


St. Thomas College envisages a conducive learning ambience with easy mobility. Adequate number of ramps are provided to facilitate easy access to the classrooms and library. This featuremarksthe campus as a differently abled-friendly campus.

 Water Purifiers

The college has five water purifiers and most of them are with coolers. They are placed in front of the Auditorium, the Chapel, the Self-Financing Block, and the Departments of Physics and Commerce. The college Hostel too has one water purifier.

 Language Lab

The Department of English of the college has a lab for improving proficiency in English and other languages.